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The Hidden Secrets to Building Bigger Biceps in 2019

  Decades of research and training has revealed a few secrets to maximize bicep size, definition, and peaks! We don't hold back any punches and give it to you straight... quick read and gains promised! If you've ever struggled to create an incredible mind-muscle connect with your biceps then keep reading. If you are trying to step up your arm game in 2019 than you should also keep reading as I dive into the 3 things you need to be using to turn your skinny biceps into heaps of muscle without using any unnatural methods. Fat Grips: A minor adjustment to the way you do biceps curls could put bigger gains within your grasp. Fat Grips are silicone sleeves that increase the thickness...

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Top 10 Foods For Building Lean Muscle

  Struggling to build lean muscle mass? Today we dive into 10 Foods that are PROVEN to help in your mission to become a more muscular person.   Eggs Eggs contain one of the most bio-available proteins of any food, and we all know how essential protein is for muscular growth and preservation. Eggs also contain quite a bit of calories, about 70 per egg. Beyond eggs unique protein the cholesterol is the main reason why they belong in this list. Many people stray away from eggs due to their cholesterol and fat content but I would not suggest removing the yolk because cholesterol has been shown in various studies to increase testosterone production. The egg yolk is were the...

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