The Hidden Secrets to Building Bigger Biceps in 2019


Decades of research and training has revealed a few secrets to maximize bicep size, definition, and peaks! We don't hold back any punches and give it to you straight... quick read and gains promised!

If you've ever struggled to create an incredible mind-muscle connect with your biceps then keep reading. If you are trying to step up your arm game in 2019 than you should also keep reading as I dive into the 3 things you need to be using to turn your skinny biceps into heaps of muscle without using any unnatural methods.

Fat Grips:

A minor adjustment to the way you do biceps curls could put bigger gains within your grasp.

Fat Grips are silicone sleeves that increase the thickness of your dumbbell or barbell handles, thus forcing you to grip the weights in an unfamiliar way and could be just the shot in the arm your upper-body routine needs to spur new muscle growth.

The fatter grip is going to cause increased activation of your forearm and biceps muscles. It is important to note that there is such as to FAT of a grip where it strains your wrists and joints. Luckily for you, we took the guessing game outta the equation and have decades of research which crafted the perfect grip thickness.

Additional benefit to using these Fat Grips is forearm development which is highly underrated. First off, big biceps and tiny forearms is weird. Secondly, strong forearms will aid in all other lifts in turn helping you build more quality muscle!

Can’t get your hands on a set of fat grips? No sweat. You can modify by wrapping the handle of a dumbbell with small hand towels.


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Padded Arm Blaster:

The Blaster keeps your arms in a fixed position against your trunk, with the claim being that this promotes proper form while also isolating the biceps. The idea, of course, is to “maximize the strength-building benefits of bicep curls”, and to give you that massive pump. The Arm Blaster is not new by any means, in fact Arnold other other Golden Era bodybuilders used these constantly throughout training. Simply because they work... similar to the fat grips and blood flow restriction bands, they aid in creating a better more intense mind-muscle connection.  

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Blood Flow Restriction:

Blood-flow restriction entails wrapping a cuff around either the upper arms or thighs to reduce the amount of blood that can enter the muscles and leave them. This results in a monstrous muscle “pump.” Though originally developed in rehab settings, it’s become popular among bodybuilders and recreational lifters, who typically apply an elastic knee wrap (the kind competitive lifters use to support their knees on heavy lifts). BFR is also referred to as KAATSU training.

Despite it’s outward appearance, studies actually show that in the general population and even in injured recovering populations of people, blood flow restriction training appears to be relatively safe and beneficial. There are certain conditions where it should be avoided – if you have deep vein thrombosis, high blood pressure, are pregnant, or have extremities with varicose veins. We are not medical doctors and you responsible for speaking with your physician, exercising caution, and using this program and these accessories at your own discretion when implementing BFR training for competitive sports or rehab purposes.

Beyond that though, it's a fantastic way to increase the pump and therefore make a better mind muscle connection. If this seems intimating then we suggest you check out the Fat Grips or Padded Arm Blaster first. We do include a detailed Blood Flow Restriction Training Guide with each purchase of the Occlusion Bands.


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